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Our Objectives

Relationships have always been important in business. Relationships can generate trust, they can provide for the flow of proprietary information both on business opportunities and on business practices and crucially they can reduce dependence on price-based competition. Particularly in a recessionary environment, relationships are arguably even more important. Networking is now well recognised as an essential activity for business leaders in developing relationships. While social networking amongst the younger generation is now largely on-line, there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction when it comes to business networking.

Senior executives in small and medium sized enterprises face particular challenges in networking. They may well be members of local organisations such as Chambers of Commerce or perhaps Rotary. However, they typically lack a broader, national networking club. Networking at a national level offers even greater opportunities, especially if an international opportunities dimension is added, for example in Dubai.

The key objectives of the Great British Business Alliance are:

  1. Strengthen customer relations
  2. Acquire new customers
  3. Motivate employees
  4. Enjoy yourself and relax!